Heart of Hawick Music Festival

Martin Stephenson

Martin Stephenson has been one of the UK’s best-loved musicians for over 30 years.

Always popular on the circuit, Stephenson’s “must see” live performances are an exuberant tour-de-force combining heart-in-your-mouth intimacy with playful humour and warm self-deprecation.

The Daintees’ critically acclaimed 1986 debut BOAT TO BOLIVIA opened up an always interesting story. It showcased Stephenson’s songwriting, poetic romanticism and spiritual depth – so marking him out as a soulful cream of the leftfield crop during the self-obsessed 1980s.

Never pandering to a particular scene, Stephenson’s lightness of touch on a varied mix of musical styles was immediately apparent. His path was destined to be a lifelong journey through the music he loved: folk, ragtime, jazz, rockabilly, show tunes, punk-pop and country.

CALIFORNIA STAR  & HAUNTED HIGHWAY continue his tradition for eclectic roots songwriting, adding to a discography now amounting to over 40 albums.

Last year he re-recorded his classic debut BOAT TO BOLIVIA, with The Daintees, the band he’s intermittently fronted through a string of albums – and hundreds of gigs – since his teens in the North East.

​His latest release is another one with the Daintees, BAYSWATER ROAD is a gem of a piece recorded at Sheffield’s Yellow Arch. Featuring some lovely artwork by Martin’s daughter Phoebe, it depicts various characters Martin has encountered over the years. Featuring ten new tracks it is a gem not to be missed.